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Using bigger screen size provides more visibility of the map for the player. To change your screen size press F1 and go to options. 


You are playing a 2v2 and don't want your enemies to read what you and your ally are saying, so you use Team Chat, by disabling chat with the enemies.

It's very easy. First, press D. Below the tab "Chat", unmark the circles next to the enemies names and hit enter!

Note: If you wanna say something for everybody, type "+" before the message. Example: +Gotta go sry ; +Good game! ; +Screw you!


Select the unit(s) you wanna give, press D, there are some tabs, below the column "Units"mark the bubble of the player you want to give the unit(s) selected. Hit enter!


Guess what, you are Aramon, there are Fire Demons giving you trouble, you started a treb right now and it burned all your mana, you have many factories building units, what do you do?

Sell all of your factories units being built, and give priority to your treb. Select the Factory with that expensive unit being built, hold Ctrl and press 

Your mana will replenish while the factory un-build that expensive unit. If you wanna quickly sell all of your units on factories, press Ctrl+F (to select all Factories) then Ctrl+


If your game is located in the default location, go to C:\Cavedog\Kingdoms, run the chooserenderer.exe. If your computer supports it, option(s) to increase graphics will be available. When done, run your TAK, go to Options and check a couple features that will become ungrayed. From TAK's readme:

"The Choose Renderer performs a system search for video hardware and allows the user to pick a rendering device that TA: Kingdoms will use. The game default is to run in Software. If you have a hardware accelerator supported video card, run this program and select the rendering device specific to your card. This will enable Total Annihilation: Kingdoms to utilize the enhanced graphics functions offered by hardware acceleration. It’s worth noting that TA: Kingdoms may run slower with certain hardware cards and/or drivers. You may need to run in Software mode to get the maximum performance. "

Some changes can be seen here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_U62LhLYBUI

ps: the player is playing at 800x600 resolution. Bigger screen-sizes are recommended!

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