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A good and common strategy is to make many Cannoneers , their attack power is great and their range is awesome. His problem is that he is unable to attack air units. So you might want to make  to kill enemy air units as well as birds. 
Its important to make birds, to give you sight of the map, have a Barrack making , Spyhawks will give the sight Cannoneers need, Cannoneers are fragile, so never send them into unsighted areas of the map, without a good army covering them and some birds to locate targets for the cannons.

 After you have enough mana, you can make a , they are good to kill those pesky . But remember, Trebuchets are extremely fragile, and you might want to protect them with some Mage Archers, if the enemy is Zhon, a combination of + will be dangerous to your trebs, if the enemy is zhon, its always a good choice to make Mage Archers to kill Rocs.
Elsin  is the best monarch of the game, dont lose him, he is very good at Mon Fights, make some  to kill the enemy Monarch, if you can, ressurect your dead Knights to send them again.


Veruna is a great and mana economical race, its a fast and easy race to spread and conquer mana, thats why its the most used on maps like Sewers of Elam. Try massing and make 

Veruna is a simple race, if your enemy is making Ships, you can easily destroy them with some   
Berserkers  have a fast attack rate and run very fast, they can be good to pursue enemy Monarchs that dont know how to make 
ghost, Berserkers are also good to destroy buildings. A good option in your Citadel is to make , they can do good damage together, with veruna, try to make Lighthouses on high areas of the map, like cliffs or walls, they give a great sight and just as other units, they higher they are the more sight they get.




This is the biggest race of the game, the possibilities are many! It will require a lot of creativity and fast mind.

When you have your Abyssa good and quick choise is mass  Fire Demons and , they are not the only options for you when making units on your Abyss, if you notice the enemy base is not very well defended, consider making a  Weather Witch, put it on Passive, load it on a Ghost ship, unload the witch on the enemy base, and quickly unleash its  

If the enemy is Creon, and is freezing all your SH*T, make many Black Knights to kill the Neo Dragon, Black Knights are totally immune to Freezing-Attacks, so Neo Dragon's freezing attacks will be useless against these Knights

Make Fire Mages! Their only use is to kill armies with its third skill  . He is fragile and slow, so after you have unleashed your Meteors on the enemy army, retreat you Fire Mage to a secure place, after its safe, send a builder or two to cure it, when it is Veteran (Gold), it can unleash almost 3 Meteors consecutively! They are also very good to Harass enemy monarchs to death.

If you notice your enemy isnt paying very attention on his monarch,  get a weather witch on a ghost ship, and  your enemy monarch.



 Fire Wagon (828)
 Damage 610
 Range 350

 Tortoise (999)
 Damage 432
 Range 600



 After you have a Smithy, some builders, you will want to set up an initial defense, you will have to choose between a FW army and a Tortoise army, in most cases FW are a better choice, since Tortoises will require a , also FWs have a bigger area of effect and can shoot Air Units.
After you have your light defense, its time to improve attack, build a  and make some , and if you have enough mana, let a builder cure them when they are injured.

Now focus on your next favorite unit!
From the hidden caves of Darien I present you..

 Beast Rider (3520)
 Damage: 1200
 Range: 850


These Dinos have a great damage, great range, great armor, great aiming, and they are dinosaurs with guns!! rawr 
Also remember to have barnstormers to give sight for Dino Riders too
Mass Dino Riders, Fire Wagons, Tortoises, some Neo Dragons, make some   to boost your attack and defense, these Prisms have a great aiming ability, they are very fragile however, they almost never miss their target.


Zhon is a great race, great mobility and power.

It however, lack on structures, it's builders are the factories, and are very fragile.


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